10 Most Commonly Forgotten Things in A Vacation Rental

When packing to go home from vacation most people are in a time crunch and running around trying to tidy up and make sure they didn’t forget anything. Below are the most common things people forget when packing up for vacation.


Because no one wants to lose the valuable jewelry, so you take it off before you go to the beach and then you realize when your halfway home that you left it on the nightstand.


  Beach Towels

 Most people for get these in the dryer when they are washing them to get ready to go home.



  A lot of the time people come with sneakers and flipflops then realize that flipflops are really the best option because you can kick them off in a hurry. They then tuck them into the closet or under the bed and leave without them.



 Most of the time you plug your charger in right when you get into the condo, because you have had a full day of travel your phone is nearly dead. Then you leave it right where it is your whole trip and leave without it.


Bathing suits

 After a week at the beach your swim suite is normally wet, so you hang them in the bathroom behind the door or out on a chair on the patio to dry then forget to go back for them.


 Prescription Medication

 You were in such a rush, but you double checked everything. When you arrive home and it pops into your head that the medicine cabinet got looked over.



You gave the tablet to the 5-year-old who put it down when he was looking for something else. When you were 20 minutes into the car ride he asked for the tablet and then you realized it wasn’t in the car.



 Often time you bring your own pillows because the car ride is long. But you haven’t used it all week and it blended in with the other pillows on the bed.



 Most of the time during your trip you have been wearing your contacts so you can wear sunglasses, then you forgot your glasses on the nightstand along with the jewelry you had taken of earlier in the week.


 Toiletries and Makeup

 Tucked away in the cabinet to keep the bathroom tidy, you honestly probably haven’t even worn makeup on your trip because it will melt away in the hot summer sun.


 Plan Your St. Augustine Beach Vacation

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