Staying Safe in St. Augustine

Safe Masks

As we try to navigate through these rough times, the question on every vacationer’s mind is: “Is it safe down there?”.  Businesses, beaches, and parks are finally opening back up to the public and the number one priority is exactly that.  Safety.  From restaurants to bars, hair salons to movie theaters, here are the top three ways we are staying safe in St. Augustine.


It should come as no surprise to anyone that masks (or cloth face coverings of any sort) would be first on this list.  In the City of St. Augustine and the City of St. Augustine Beach, masks are required to be worn in any indoor location (aside from your home or place of residence) for anyone over the age of two. 

When attending a restaurant, if you are at your table, feel free to remove your mask and enjoy your meal.  If you need to leave your table for any reason, or when you are ready to leave the restaurant, be sure to put your mask back on to help protect yourself and the people around you.

Social Distancing

Businesses across St. Augustine are practicing social distancing.  Restaurants and movie theaters are back open at 50% capacity, making sure to have certain seats blocked off or tables set six feet apart to avoid overcrowding.   Places like barbershops, hair/nail salons, gyms and retail shops are open with new guidelines in place to help enforce social distancing.

Beaches and city/county parks are fully open along with museums and other attractions, just remember to respect the personal space of others. 

Cleaning & Sanitizing

 At this point, we are no strangers to proper cleaning and sanitizing.  Wherever you go, you will see bottles of hand sanitizer laid out on tables, counters, in bathrooms and, if you’re like me, you’ll even carry some around in your pocket. 

Businesses are routinely disinfecting commonly touched things like tables, sinks, doorknobs/handles, toilets, everything down to the light switches!  If you are sitting down to enjoy a nice meal, you can be sure that the table you are sitting at has been wiped down and disinfected. 

Plan your safe vacation to St. Augustine, FL

Overall, St. Augustine is a safe place to plan your vacationContact us today to book your next visit!